2) I wish to form a company. How can I go about it?

To form a company we suggest that , first of all, you ensure that there is exist enough scope in doing so This means that the benefits of operating a company outweighs the initial costs of setting it up and of the annual running costs.

To form a company is quite a straightforward affair as long as one is an EU citizen (or company). One requires a copy of the ID card (or registration certificate in case of a foreign company), a bank account in which the share capital in deposited (minimum of Euro 235 paid up for a private company) and a Memorandum and Articles of Association as per the requirements of the Companies Act ’95.

A registration fee is payable according to the authorised share capital a company opts to have (minimum Euro 350).

A private company can be either with one shareholder (single member) or with a number of shareholders.

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