Fantasy Sports – Exemption at last.

Legal Noitice 271 of 2016 issued on 1st August, 2016 brings about the much awaited exemption on Fantasy Sports games played online.
In defining what qualifies as “ fantasy sport”, the Malta Regulator has determined that for a game to be so exempted from licensing, it must have the following three characteristics:,
• primarily games played for money or money’s worth
• whereby the winning outcome is determined predominantly through the skill or knowledge of the player, and
• where the results are determined by the accumulation of statistical results of the performance of a number of individuals in sporting events.

Going forward, any operator who wishes to put online any fantasy game through a company in Malta needs only notify the Malta Gaming Authority through a simplified process of such intention on the prescribed form. There is no further need for a licensing process.
The new regulations are set to continue to enhance Malta’s position as a leader in the online gaming industry where players can play in a safe and regulated environment and subject to all rights and obligations of an EU jurisdiction.
These regulations clearly indicate that any game involving betting, or any derivative of same, in whatever form or guise, shall still be licensable
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