2) What are the main criteria that are taken into consideration to determine whether I qualify for Maltese citizenship or not?

The following are some examples but this list should not be taken as being exhaustive:-

(a)           Residential -The applicant would most likely need to spend some time in Malta in execution of his mandatory obligations vis-à-vis purchase/rental of property and the acquisition of the required Malta investments;

(b)           Philanthropic – recognition will be given should the applicant make a contribution to a local charity for example;

(c)           Commercial – if the applicant sets up a Maltese company, trust, foundation or other vehicle, the Agency would also consider this in the light of aiming to achieve a genuine link to Malta;

(d)           Social – Where an applicant integrates directly or indirectly in the social life of the Maltese population, say for example by having his personal yacht berthed in a Malta marina, and further, by participating in local sailing events;


Personal; personal visits (or holiday trips) to Malta would clearly score the most points. One may also consider other situations where although not being physically present in Malta, genuine links could be imputed. Examples of these could be where the applicant’s children are enrolled in a Maltese educational institution, the use of a Malta-based doctor, engaging or employing persons to service the house or apartment purchased or rented – be it a cleaning personnel, handyman or gardener.

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