Assistance in Obtaining Maltese Dual Citizenship and Passport

Maltese Citizenship is normally acquired through birth. However, like most other countries worldwide, there are alternative routes to acquiring Malta citizenship, including:

  • Marriage
  • Naturalisation
  • Other criteria – such as investment in Malta or other close attachments.

The Individual Investor Programme (IPP) is an EU approved Malta Citizenship by Investment programme whereby investors in Malta who can show special personal attachments to the island can apply for Maltese citizenship and passport.

Malta’s stable political climate and bi-partisan political scene have made the country very attractive to investors from all over the world. Malta has time and again weathered financial crises very well and also shares the limelight with Germany as the only two states maintaining economic growth in the Euro Zone. Malta’s banks have been ranked amongst the top 5 soundest banks in the world.

Earlier this year, European Commission said that Malta’s GDP growth forecast is set to remain strong. Source: Times of Malta 

At MGI we are here to assist you should you consider yourself qualified enough to apply for a Maltese passport.

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